Non-surgical Aesthetic Genital Care Options

The natural process of aging can take a physical toll and lead to dramatic changes in a woman’s body. When coupled with childbearing and the hormonal changes brought on by menopause, aging can cause significant alternations in genitalia form and function. This can be problematic, as these changes can affect a woman’s quality of life. Common issues including vaginal laxity, stress urinary incontinence, a decline in lubrication, and a decreased sex drive are just some of the issues that older women can experience. While many people struggle with these issues, most rarely seek treatment due to a fear of surgery and a lack of information on non-surgical alternatives.

If these alterations sound familiar to you, there is help available. At Central Texas Urogynecology, we utilize a range of non-surgical treatment options aimed at improving women’s vaginal health. Unlike traditional options that require surgery, these treatments are non-invasive or minimally-invasive. This means that the effects expected from these treatments can be achieved with minimal if any, downtime. Below is an exploration of the treatment options offered at our Austin, TX center and some of the concerns they address.

What Are Non-surgical Aesthetic Genital Procedures?

Non-surgical genital procedures often utilize radio-frequency or laser energy to induce collagen tightening. Similarly, a range of filler options is also sometimes used to improve clitoral function and libido. The field of nonsurgical aesthetic genital procedures is growing as the changes women experience receive ever-increasing attention. At Central Texas Urogynecology, we feel proud to be a part of this advancing trajectory in women’s health. When you get in touch with our Austin team, we will do everything possible to ensure that you receive the proper care you deserve.

What Concerns Can Non-surgical Treatment Address?

Treatment courses are highly dependent on specific patient needs. Therefore, when you arrive for your appointment, we will need to do a thorough evaluation before determining whether a non-surgical option is applicable. However, there are several concerns that we can generally tackle without the need for invasive procedures. Some of these include:

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is the inability to control the bladder. This symptom can range in severity, from occasionally leaking urine when you cough or sneeze to a sudden, strong urge to urinate. Often this issue arises due to hormonal changes such as those incurred during menopause or trauma incurred by childbirth or injury.

Vaginal Prolapse

Vaginal prolapse occurs when the network of ligaments, muscles, and skin in and around the vagina weaken. If a woman’s uterus, urethra, bladder, rectum, small bowel, or vagina falls out of its normal position, she is suffering from vaginal prolapse. If untreated, these organs or structures will continue to prolapse into the vagina or through the vaginal opening. This can create serious complications and necessitate surgery if left unresolved earlier.

What Are the Treatment Options?

At Central Texas Urogynecology, we work hard to facilitate the best treatment outcome while minimizing any and all discomfort you may feel during treatment. We understand that vaginal health is a sensitive subject and will do all we can to help you feel at ease. Some of our most popular and effective treatment options for address vaginal concerns include:

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

At Central Texas Urogynecology, we offer guidance pelvic floor physical therapy procedures to help you address your urinary incontinence by strengthening your pelvic floor naturally. Muscle training is commonly done with Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are performed with three easy steps. First, you contract your pelvic floor muscles, then you lift them while maintaining contraction, and finally, you let go and allow your muscles to relax. Repeated exercises can significantly improve vaginal issues.

DiVa Laser Vaginal Therapy

Sciton diVa is the world’s first and only revolutionary Hybrid Fractional Laser (HFL) for the treatment of vaginal tissue. This miraculous laser system relies on HALO™ dual fractionated technology to deliver both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to the same microscopic treatment zone. This dual functionality allows for highly customizable procedures. The first laser resurfaces the layers of the vaginal wall, stimulating the growth of brand new, healthy tissue. The second laser promotes this process by heating the layers of tissue, further triggering an inflammatory response to promote healthy cellular activity in the vaginal skin.

TempSure™ Vitalia

TempSure™ Vitalia is a device specifically made for women. Its gentle heating technology provides excellent relief from vaginal laxity, dryness, and incontinence. A welcomed alternative to medication and surgery, Vitalia poses virtually no risk of complications and doesn’t result in negative side effects. For this reason, we trust the Vitalia device as one of our top non-surgical treatment solutions for addressing vaginal health concerns.

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Your Central Texas Urogynecology Non-surgical Procedure Consultation

During your non-surgical aesthetic genital procedure consultation, you can expect us to ask the following questions:

  • What are your treatment goals?
  • Are you suffering from any medical conditions or drug allergies?
  • Are you on any current medications, vitamins, or herbal supplements
  • Do you use alcohol, tobacco, or drugs?
  • Have you had any previous treatments or surgeries?

Additionally, we will likely do the following:

  • Evaluate your general health.
  • Take photographs, if necessary.
  • Discuss your treatment options.
  • Provide you with a thorough treatment recommendation.
  • Discuss your likely outcomes and potential complications.
  • Discuss the use of anesthesia, if applicable.

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