3 Ways to Eat Healthy This Holiday Season

Tip #1: Keep Moving… Around Your Plate!
Maria loves chowing down on holiday grub, but the key is how she noshes. Maria packs her plate with a little bit of everything before sitting down at the table, then: “I take bites out of each [food], and I just keep rotating,” she says. Why is this trick a winner? If you switch between dishes as you munch, you’ll get a little taste of everything before you fill up—which means you’ll have the fun of sampling lots of homemade goodies without going overboard. Just make sure to stop at one or two bites for everything except the dishes you really love—and to move away from your plate when you’re full. Which leads us to Maria’s next tip…

Tip #2: Pay Attention to Your Body
It’s easy to get immersed in the dinner-table or holiday-party conversation and to not even realize (or, let’s be real, to care) how many forkfuls you’ve gobbled up. But as you eat, pause to check in with yourself—and call it quits once you’re full, says Maria. “I really do listen to my stomach, and I think that that’s a big reason why I’m able to maintain my figure,” she says.

Tip #3: Make the Season Extra-Bustling
You know how it feels like you’re constantly surrounded by chocolates and baked goods during the holidays? Maria feels that way, too. Of course, she’ll indulge every once in a while, but in general she tries to avoid them—and she credits her success to busy-ness. “The busier you are, the less you eat because you don’t have time to think about it,” she says. “When you have too much time, that’s when you’re obsessing over what you’re going to eat.” It’s just another great reason to spend your days decking the halls, going ice-skating with family, or getting a winter workout with friends.

Source: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/weight-loss/maria-menounos-on-holiday-healthy-eating


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